Science & Technology Development Journal - Economics - Law and Management 2021-09-07T22:05:58+00:00 STDJ ECONOMICS - LAW & MANAGEMENT Open Journal Systems Factors influencing students' intention to online course survey participation - A study at HCMC University of Technology 2021-08-26T08:18:19+00:00 Hàng Lê Cẩm Phương Nguyễn Ngọc Bình Phương Nguyễn Thị Thương <p>Universities are facing an increasing pressure to assess educational quality outcomes. Therefore, a specific way to evaluate teaching effectiveness is through surveying students at the end of each course. Schools are often concerned with the validity and reliability of student evaluations of teaching. Due to the small sample sizes, the data obtained from these assessments can lack statistical significance and the results can be biased. Low response rates to online student assessments of teaching are concerned and have been studied from many different perspectives. Therefore, this article explores the factors that affect the intention of answering the online course survey of students at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. The theory of planned behavior is the foundation of the theoretical model which is complemented by other elements. SEM is conducted on 324 survey samples of all faculties. The results show that the factors such as moral obligation, incentives, subjective norms, perceived behavioural control, e-learning accessing habits have an impact on the intention to online course survey participation and moral obligation carries the strongest weight.</p> 2021-08-26T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The impact of leadership on working motivation create lability for employees at FPT Software Da Nang 2021-09-02T23:03:14+00:00 Thu Bui Thi Minh Lai Phan Thi Yen <p>After 16 years of operation, FPT Software Da Nang has continuously grown and become the largest information technology company in the Central region with 3000 employees, whose average growth rate of the last 3 years is more than 70%/ year. Due to the nature of the information technology industry, FPT Software Da Nang has a fast-paced, long-term working environment, with working conditions and processes having a high degree of interdependence between teams. Maintaining loyalty and motivating employees is one of the most important tasks of a leader. Therefore, invisible competition in terms of leadership is significantly important for FPT Software Da Nang. To create work motivation and loyalty by offering benefits, influencing and stimulating it is indispensable to increase the effective functioning of workers at work, in a profession or in specific functions. Therefore, the study was conducted with data collected from 285 employees at the company using the Structural Equation Modeling technique. The results confirm that leadership capacity has a direct impact on work motivation, creating loyalty for employees, thereby proposing management measures to create competitive advantages for FPT Software Da Nang and other enterprises in Vietnam.</p> 2021-09-03T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The relationship among local marketing, regional linkage, a destination image, and foreign direct investment firms’ satisfaction: A case study in long an province 2021-09-02T23:42:58+00:00 Nhieu Van Mai <p>The study investigates the relationship among local marketing, regional linkage, a destination image, and FDI firms' satisfaction in Long An province. Qualitative and quantitative research was implemented as follows: The qualitative research was executed through focus group discussions with 10 owners or export managers of FDI firms; The quantitative research was conducted through direct interviews with 491 managers of FDI firms in Long An. Empirical results justifies the relationship among local marketing, regional linkage, a destination image, and FDI firms' satisfaction. The results show the following key metrics: (i) FDI firms' satisfaction is affected by a destination image (with Beta = 0,141), local marketing (with Beta = 0,202), and regional linkage (with Beta = 0,173); (ii) A destination image is affected by regional linkage (with Beta = 0,456), and local marekting (with Beta = 0,150); (iii) Local marketing is affected by regional linkage (with Beta = 0,367). The findings are foundational for policy proposals for Long An province to improve the satisfaction of FDI enterprises. However, the research has certain limitations: (i) the study was only conducted in Long An, (ii), the spatial correlation among Ho Chi Minh City, Tien Giang and Long An linked regions was neglected.</p> 2021-09-03T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## An interdisciplinary research between analyzing customer segmentation in marketing and machine learning method 2021-09-04T01:06:53+00:00 Thanh Trung Ho Sơn Đăng Nguyễn <p>Customer segmentation is one of the key factors in managing customers and building the appropriate marketing strategies. Segmenting customer groups will help managers understand the characteristics of their customers or consumer behaviors, thereby reaching the right target customers, retaining customers (Customer Retention), increasing revenue and competitive advantages of the business. However, finding the right customer groups is a challenge that businesses need to solve on a solid and reliable basis. Along with the support from current technology solutions such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and the application of algorithms and methods including both qualitative and quantitative research to enable businesses to cluster customer groups in marketing analysis. This article concentrates on introducing a hybrid model that combines RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) and Machine Learning to analyze customer segmentation. The study was conducted through an empirical method on a dataset with 541,909 transactions of online retail stores, clustering 5 customer segments with the characteristics of each cluster being tested for quality demonstrating the effectiveness and applicability of the study.</p> 2021-09-04T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Risk management for individual traders in financial market 2021-09-04T21:41:12+00:00 Phan Ngoc Yen Xuan Le Truong Giang <p>When participating in the financial market, few investors can sustainably succeed in the market, most of them often make psychological mistakes that lead to failure. The article applies theories and synthesizes empirical studies to analyze common mistakes of individual traders based on the theory of behavioral finance, including: prospect theory, herding effect, house money effect, sunk costs, and overconfidence. The article uses qualitative methods combined with descriptive statistics on a sample of 120 individual investors who are directly trading on the financial market, using a convenience sampling method. The results show that the disposition effect has the strongest impact on investors' decisions, specifically, 81.3% of investors often close their profit positions too soon while the trend is still continuing. Hesitating when making decisions or trading with weak signal, being influenced by others also have a strong impact on the trader, the rest of the factors have a moderate impact. From those results, the article analyzes that the main cause of psychological deviations is "fear" inside each person. Investors close their profit positions early because of the regret aversion if losing that profit, they hesitate to make decisions because of the fear of making mistakes, affected by the herd effect is due to the isolation aversion. On that basis, the article proposes solutions to help investors control psychological factors to survive and succeed in their trading activities, the solution emphasizes self-discipline, planning, and a constant learning process.</p> 2021-09-05T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The impact of social capital on the ability of households’ access to credit services in rural Vietnam 2021-09-07T22:05:58+00:00 Au Thi Hai Nguyen <p>Social capital plays a crucial role in assisting rural households to improve incomes. It is, therefore, necessary to conduct research to find ways improving the ability of households' access to credit services. This paper investigates the impact of social capital on the ability of households' access to formal and informal credit services in rural areas in Vietnam. In the research model, social capital is proxied by the number of household members participating in mass organizations and social groups. Univariate Probit and Bivariate Probit models are applied, with data collected from three waves of Vietnam Access to Resources Household Survey - VARHS (2014, 2016 and 2018). The estimation results indicate that the number of household members participating in mass organizations and social groups positively affects the ability of households' access to both formal and informal credit services. The results are robust when changing the sample. The study also proves that for rural households, formal credit and informal credit are interchangeable. One policy implication from the findings of the study is that rural population should be given more favourable conditions to join mass organizations and social groups to improve access to credit services. Another implication is that sources and forms of formal credit should be diverse so that rural households are able to increase access to formal credit and decrease access to informal credit.</p> 2021-09-07T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The legal and practical issues in the regulations for servicing legal documentation notices to individual in Vietnam civil procedure 2021-08-26T07:47:46+00:00 Mai Hoàng Phước Phan Thanh Hưng <p>To begin with, that the society and the economy are fastly developing precipitates a number of disputes necessary for settlements. Of dispute resolution methods including Mediation, Negotiation, Arbitration, and Court, Court is still a traditional method widely chosen by parties, which is evidenced by the increase in the quantities of cases over the years. However, given that the requirement of the society is the timely settlement, it has placed more pressure on court officers. The issuance, delivery, and announcement of procedural documents are three of the most important factors in the civil procedure. The requirement of this activity encompasses ensuring the time limit of the provisions for the proceedings and fully implementing the procedure, enabling parties to exercise their legal rights and obligations. However, shortcomings in the issuance, delivery, and announcement of procedural documents have not been resolved. In addition, in the context of the booming industrial revolution 4.0, the application of information technology and digitization has been placed on the procedure for issuing, serving and notifying procedural documents to create favorable conditions, saving time and costs for parties and Court. The article aims to analyze the current provisions of the Civil Procedure Code on the provision, delivery, and notification of procedural documents to individuals, thereby proposing certain recommendations to refine Vietnamese law in the given field.</p> 2021-08-26T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##