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In the current context, the scientific research capacity of lecturers is an important measurement to evaluate the training quality of educational institutions. Researching the faculty's scientific research capacity is an urgent need, helping the school to rapidly develop training quality. This assessment helps to improve the quality, contributes to strengthen the reputation and attracts more students in the future. The objective of this study is to evaluate the impact of these factors on the scientific research capacity of lecturers at non-public universities in Ho Chi Minh City. The study was conducted based on a combination of qualitative research methods (table research, expert interviews and group discussions) and quantitative research methods (based on SPSS statistical software to analyze data) together with the survey method as a convenient method. The result from 252 lecturers shows that there are four factors that strongly influence research capacity including (1) Working environment, (2) Perception, (3) Motivation, (4) Personal capacity. Thereby, this study presents the implications for university leaders to have more policies to promote the scientific research capacity of lecturers. Besides, the limitations of the topic and orientation for further research are also indicated.

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Issue: Vol 6 No 4 (2022): Vol 6 (4): Under publishing
Page No.: In press
Published: Jan 20, 2023
Section: Research article

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Huan, N., Hung, V., & Phuc, D. (2023). Factors affecting scientific research capacity of lecturers at non-public universities in Ho Chi Minh City. VNUHCM Journal of Economics, Business and Law, 6(4), In press.

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