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This study aims to identify the requirements for agricultural human resources to meet the requirements of transformation and adaptation to climate change in the Mekong Delta. The main methods used in this paper are literature review and statistical analysis, based on secondary data of the General Statistics Office for the period 2011 – 2021. The results show that agricultural production in the Mekong Delta has been severely affected by the negative impacts of climate change. In response to this situation, the government and people of the Mekong Delta have made changes in agricultural production to adapt to climate change. From the current situation of the agricultural sector transformation, it is evident that the Mekong Delta agricultural sector needs new production technologies that can provide both high productivity and better adaptation to climate change. Therefore, it is required that agricultural human resources can develop modern agricultural production technologies suitable for climate change, while at the same time can effectively implement these technologies. However, the technical expertise level of agricultural human resources is currently low and has not met the requirements of the transformation in agricultural production. Based on the theoretical foundation and practical requirements for agricultural human resources, this study proposes some solutions for education and training to develop agricultural human resources in the Mekong Delta to adapt to climate change in the coming period.

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Issue: Vol 7 No 3 (2023): Vol 7 (3): Under publishing
Page No.: In press
Published: Oct 11, 2023
Section: Research article

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Đỗ, T., & Phạm, N. (2023). Agricultural human resources development in the Mekong Delta to meet the requirements of transformation and adaptation to climate change. VNUHCM Journal of Economics, Business and Law, 7(3), In press.

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