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The quality of hospitals in Vietnam is the concern of not only patients, the healthcare industry, but also the society as a whole. As Vietnam’s economy achieves high growth, and the living standard is improved, healthcare becomes an even greater concern of Vietnamese, and hospitals need to improve their quality to better satisfy their patients. However, few hospitals in Vietnam aware of the importance of factors affecting patient satisfaction. This paper aims to determine and classify the service quality attributes. In addition, it also identifies the factors that influence patient satisfaction at the Outpatient Department of Trung Vuong hospital. The research framework is developed from the study of Harijith & Haris (2017). The results from the qualitative survey show that there are 33 characteristics affecting the patient satisfaction, of which the "Short wait time" receives the highest score (0,76), and the “Physician competency” receives the lowest score (-0,91). Based on the results, some recommendations are proposed to improve service quality so as to better meet the current and potential needs of patients.

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Issue: Vol 3 No SI (2019): Special Issue: Industrial Management (Under Publishing)
Page No.: Online First
Published: Apr 11, 2020
Section: Research article

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Thi Kim Quyen, N., & Bao Tuan, H. (2020). Classification of service quality attributes using Kano’s model: the case at the outpatient department of Trung Vuong hospital. Science & Technology Development Journal - Economics - Law and Management, 3(SI), Online First.

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