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This study focuses on reviewing, analyzing, comparing lean assessment methods/tools from previous researches, and selecting an appropriate method/tool, and then applying the selected one to evaluate the leanness level in the specific company. Literature review and case study research at JVN-Company are conducted in this study. The result finds that: (a) LAT developed by Pakdil & Leonard (2014) is the effective tool to measure efforts in implementing Lean and identify wastes from Lean perspective within an enterprise; and (b) By applying LAT to assess the leanness level at JVN company, the results show that JVN company has achieved the leanness level at 68,58%; while Customer dimension has the highest LAT score showing that JVN has high customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, the delivery dimension, particularly late delivery, is in special need of improvement in comparison with other dimensions. Accordingly, a few proposals have been recommended for JVN to consider and adopt the appropriate ones to improve its performance. Overall, the results of this study provide helpful references for manufacturing companies in Vietnam to self–assess their leanness comprehensively, thereby developing the proper and effective roadmap for Lean transformation.

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Issue: Vol 3 No SI (2019): Special Issue: Industrial Management
Page No.: S78-S96
Published: Apr 11, 2020
Section: Research article

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Thi Duc Nguyen, N., Thi Huong Giang, T., & Kim Hao, N. (2020). Leanness assessment: a study on JVN company. Science & Technology Development Journal: Economics- Law & Management, 3(SI), S78-S96.

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