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If disabled people are considered as the weak individuals in community, the handicapped children will be more vulnerable as they are lack of the ability to take care of themsselves. The disadvantage of these people is the dependence on others in many aspects of their lives. The Government has issued amble policies in order to help paralyzed people and children, specifically policies related to social security. According to the Children Law No. 102/2016/QH13, the disabled children are ranked in the top 14 of those who are having underprivileged lives. This law is really important in reducing the handicapped children's burdens in life by providing them with caring and sharing from others. Despite this attention of the Government, the policies for disabled children are given less prioritization than those for normal children and disabled adults. In fact, the policies for disabled children are the same as those for children under 6 years old as well as the disabled adults. However, there are a number of troubles from processing to implementing the policies, negatively affecting the opportunities of accessing to social security of disabled people in general and handicapped children in particular. As a result, those disadvantaged people still have many difficulties in life need to be shared from others.

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Issue: Vol 5 No 1 (2021): Under Publishing
Page No.: Online first
Published: Dec 18, 2020
Section: Research article

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