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According to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (2018), the number of travellers revisit to Vietnam in general and Binh Thuan in particular is only about 40%. Price increases in peak season, polluted environment, etc. affected the tourists' perceived risk at destination. Therefore, this research is done for the purposes of: (1) Identifying perceived risk componants; (2) Measuring the impact of those perceived risks on traveller 's revisit intention at Binh Thuan province; (3) Proposed implications for local industry managers and business managers to apply in order to increase tourists' intention to return to Binh Thuan in the near future. The research uses both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Qualitative research was conducted through focus group discussions. The quantitative study was conducted through interviews with 278 tourists. Research results show that: revisit intention is affected by 04 components of perceived risk: financial risk (-0.547); operational risk (-0,346); psychological - social risks (- 0.274); and, physical risk (-0,248). However, the study also has some certain limitations: firstly, the study conducted a survey during the peak tourist season in Binh Thuan. Secondly, the study only conducted a sample of 278 tourists, so it did not fully represent the research crowd.

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Issue: Vol 5 No 1 (2021): Under Publishing
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Published: Dec 18, 2020
Section: Research article

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