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The research on factors that affect employee motivation at Bentre Import Export Joint- stock Corporation (Betrimex) has special significance in motivating employees, attracting and retaining talent, thereby helping the Corporation improve work performance. During the research, 300 employees working at Betrimex were surveyed and 250 employees with valid answer sheets were selected, survey data was processed with the SPSS software and the research model through scale reliability analysis, exploratory data analysis, correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis was tested. The research results have shown 07 factors affecting employee motivation at Betrimex, measured through 37 observed variables and including the pay, bonuses, benefits, allowances, working conditions, relationships with colleagues and relationships with superiors. Where the pay (b = 0.403) is the factor that has the most powerful influence on employee motivation and working conditions (b = 0.171) have the least influence on employee motivation. The results of multiple regression analysis have also showed that the adjusted R2 is 0.732. Thus, 07 independent variables can explain 73.2% of the variations of the dependent variables. Also, the research results have tremendous implications for developing strategies and plans for human resources development of Betrimex in the future.

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Issue: Vol 5 No 1 (2021): Under Publishing
Page No.: Online first
Published: Dec 18, 2020
Section: Research article

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