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The increasing Quality of life leads to higher Healthcare Service Standards. Hospitals in the Public Health system are currently on the verge of financial self-sufficiency face many challenges in the effective use of resources. Therefore, finding out what the hospital is doing well and which points need to be improved in medical examination and treatment services quality with limited resources is an urgent requirement, especially the 175 Military Hospital. This study conducts 120 surveys from the outpatients of 175 Military Hospital applying the integration of the Kano Model and IPA methodology. The Kano model approach provides the categories of quality attributes while the Importance-Performance Analysis result shows the priority of improvement actions. The findings show that among the 30 determined quality characteristics, 3 items are belonging to group A (attractive attributes), 7 items are identified as "Must be" features, and 17 items are put in One-dimensional category. In addition, the result of The IPA also shows 10 Healthcare service quality features of 175 Military Hospital need to be focused on advancing, 2 items need an investment strategy.

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Huynh, L., & Đoàn, A. (2022). An integrated approach of Kano’s model and importance performance analysis for improving outpatient healthcare services quality – a study of 175 Military hospital. Science & Technology Development Journal: Economics- Law & Management, 5(SI1), 11-23.

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