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The explosion of information technology in general and social networks in particular has brought many choices for online users. Understanding what drives intention to continue using a social network is an important discovery. This study aims to explore the critical personal motivations that influence Gen Z's intention to continue using TikTok in Ho Chi Minh City. The research model is based on The Uses and Gratifications Theory with 5 proposed research hypotheses. In particular, social interaction motivation, archiving motivation, self-expression motivation, peeking motivation and escapism motivation has a positive effect on the intention to continue using TikTok of Generation Z users respectively. With data collected from 295 respondents, after testing for unidimentionality, reliability, and validity of measurement scales, the SEM results show that 4 out of 5 motives including motivation for social interaction, archiving, self-expression, and escapism have a statistically significant influence on the intention to continue using TikTok platform. Among these motivations, social interaction motivation is the most important factor. These results suggest helpful managerial implications not only for TikTok developers but also for companies that use TikTok as a channel to communicate with their customers.

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Bui, B., & Ho, Q. (2022). Intention to continue using the social network TikTok under the impact of personal motivation – A case study on gen Z. Science & Technology Development Journal: Economics- Law & Management, 5(SI1), 24-33.

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